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Pro's & Cons of Sloping Blocks

Ever wondered why many larger building companies will not build on sloping blocks? The reason is simple: ‘Every sloping block is different.’

Our Simple 7 Step Plan

We have a very simple to follow 7 step plan. We know most people don’t build homes so they need help. Roscher has over 30 years experience. Trust us to design your new home.

Our Designs

Our designs are spacious & luxurious. Sloping roofs, skylights large under cover & decked areas. We know how to design for sloping blocks because that is all we do!

Pole Homes but not as you know them!

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Ultra Modern Look on Sloping Blocks.

Left is a 3D illustration of a new enclosed treatment that we have applied to our Dillon 2 home (click here for more).

Design & the latest modern look all wrapped into one. Allowing the design to take advantage of the cost savings & all the other advantages of an exposed timber or steel support structure. Delivering you an ultra modern look normally reserved for ‘flat block’ home designs.


Adaptable to Any Roscher Design.

Pole home with facade


pole home designs

Our Approach

Through a streamlined, five-milestone process we will Plan, Design, Build, Launch & Manage your professional and high-impact online.

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About Us

Roscher Services Pty Ltd has been involved in the design and construction of homes for sloping sites for 30 years. Over this period we have put…

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We strive to provide brilliant ideas and impeccable executions to all our clients. They appreciate the ability to work with the actual people.

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Roscher Home Services has been designing Homes for Sloping Blocks for 33 years.

Over this period Roscher Services (For Examples of Our Pole Home Designs Click Here) have put together a range of economically priced homes specifically designed with the sloping site in mind. We’ve designed houses for clients in throughout Australia. We work with individuals as well as small and large developers to economically ‘problem solve’ building on sloping sites.

Because every state in Australia has areas of sloping land it is important that we use affordable, environmentally sustainable methods to build in areas that help us minimise Urban sprawl. This is good for the environment & for anyone wanting a more unique lifestyle. Let our experience help guide you.


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Most builders draftsmen and architects have little or no experience whatsoever in dealing with the problems of sloping sites. In contrast, show us a flat site and we wouldn’t know where to start. Generally speaking homes built on sloping sites are extremely expensive however over our 33 year period we have managed to fine tune our designs and pole home plans, engineering and building techniques and eliminate many of the huge costs generally associated with sloping site construction.


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