There are many, many details that we need to know about you and your site. However all we need enitially is a 15 minute phone conversation to establish, how we can help. People buy sloping sites because of the views, they are looking for something different, and the fact that sloping sites are cheaper. Usually the steeper the cheaper. However most buyers are put off by not having answers to these 5 questions.

  1. How do I build on a slope?
  2. Who’s going to design it?
  3. Who’s going to build it?
  4. What’s it going to look like?
  5. How much is it going to cost?

First question:
Is your site on the low side
or the high side of the roadway?

Designing a house on the high side is very straight forward. The driveway simply comes up from the roadway to the carport which is excavated under the living area. Entry into the house is usually from a set of stairs coming up onto the deck, and the entry into house is usually from the deck.

Building on the low side of the road is a little more involved as the entry to the house is on the road, at the rear of the house. Entry into the house is covered later in this section as well as alternative vehicle access and carport positioning.

Driveways and carports

Driveways and carports

One of the most critical factors in designing a house for a sloping site is vehicle accommodation. It’s not much use having a beautifully designed home if there’s nowhere to put your vehicles. Driveways and garage do, unfortunately, eat into your house budget.
Driveways and carports

Land sloping upwards from the roadway

Vehicle access to the carport would be straight up off the roadway and up under the house. Stairs would usually go from the leveled concreted carport pad to the house deck area or onto a separate entry landing. The living room floor therefor becomes the carport roof.
Driveways and carports

Land sloping with the roadway

A driveway would be created coming from the roadway and going straight under the house onto an excavated flat concreted carport pad.
Driveways and carports

Land sloping downwards from the roadway

The easiest and cheapest option would be to run a driveway down the side of the site and under the house. However, you will need a fairly wide site and a long driveway.
Driveways and carports

Separate free standing carport to the front of the site

Building a free standing carport or garage is another option for sites on the low side of the roadway. The house could be positioned further down the site to allow a free standing carpor to be constructed close to the roadway.
Driveways and carports

Steady slope
Car pad excavated
into natural ground

Driveways and carports

Gradual slope
Car pad supported
on boulder retaining wall

Driveways and carports

Steep slope
Car deck suspended
above ground level

Entry hallway for homes

Entry hallway for homes built on the low side of the roadway

The living and deck areas of the house will obviously face the views, down the slope. Which means the entry into the house will be at the back of the house. (Street side) This entry way can be easily incorporated into any of our designs
Front entry portico

Front entry portico

We usually incorporate an entry portico and landing to enhance the appearances of the house from the street.